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illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers, published by Holiday House

"This is a counting book, a vehicle book, and a pirate adventure, all rolled into one appealing package. The fabulous watercolor illustrations show blue sky, green grass, and all the commotion going on in between." (School Library Journal)




"A young boy's imagination fuels adventures galore in this clever one-to-ten counting book. When the boy's toy tractor runs out of gas, he turns to other amusements; as he flies his toy plane, he looks up to see a small mouse piloting one higher up in the sky. The two new friends welcome three boatloads of pirates, who quickly join in the fun, acting on their own instead of being manipulated by the boy as regular playthings are. Together, they all build roads, battle a fire-breathing dragon, take a train ride and peddle their bicycles. When the fun is done, the boy solemnly waves goodbye to the already distant ships and plane. One of the last spreads shows him fast asleep in the grass and surrounded by the toys that inspired his amazing imagination. Rogers's watercolors truly make this concept come to life. Each of the toys has its own personality, and young readers will patiently seek out each of their silly antics on the generous full-page spreads." (Kirkus Reviews)

Great Book for Counting and Trucks!, February 6, 2010
By H. K. Reid "home mommy" (Omaha, NE)
I purchased this book for my 2 year old after seeing it in the library and having to sneak it away from my son to return it back to the library. He LOVED this book because it was full of fun colors and lots of different trucks. It's also written in a catchy rhyming way and the bonus is that it's also reinforcing numbers (and colors). I think this is the perfect preschool book because it's fun but there's lots of educational opportunities. We would read it and I'd leave out truck words, or we'd name colors, or count trucks or talk about the little characters on the page and the story told through the illustrations. There are tons of books on trucks but this one is a favorite in our house...even a year after buying it.