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The science of tree rings AND THE CLIMATE CONNECTION

How can you discover the age of a tree? What secrets are hidden inside tree rings? How can tree rings show us what the Earth was like thousands of years ago? How do tree rings reveal patterns and changes in weather and climate? These are some of the questions we explore in this hands-on program for school age children. I'm scheduling weekend, evening, and summer library visits for 2023. Email me for details.

This ancient piece of a bristlecone contains 800 years of natural history in its rings.



Linking Literacy Lesson Plan

"Thank you for the Spirit and the Opportunity..."

Sofi Collis, 3rd grade 

Sofi Collis was in third grade when her essay won the Name the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) contest sponsored by LEGO and NASA. She couldn't have chosen better names for the little cars that roamed Mars for more than a decade. 


In 2019, the Mars Exploration Rover mission officially came to an end.  Although Spirit and Opportunity can no longer communicate with us, they live on through the science and stories they sent to Earth. Now it's time to write the final chapter of Cars on Mars! Join me in an online writing workshop where students will learn how to organize informaton, research NASA photos, write captions, and develop their own science writing voices. This is a unique opportunity for students to experience real science writing and have their work published on my website.


Please email me for details!


HOW TO SNEEZE! is a virtual author visit based on Alexandra Siy's award-winning picture book SNEEZE! Illuminating a sneeze with amazing scientific art, the book reveals why and how we sneeze. A reading by the author coupled with exciting imagery helps participants understand the biology of sneezing and the importance of masking to prevent the transmission of viruses.

This program is for everyone! Pre-K-adults!

Alexandra Siy customizes the visit for your age group and focus--from STEM to STORYTELLING to SAFETY to just plain FUN.

The Next Generation Science Standards and 3D Learning

The NGSS is a framework for science education that requires a three dimensional approach:  the understanding of behaviors and practices scientists employ to solve problems and answer questions; deep experience with cross-cutting concepts; and a solid foundation in the four scientific disciplines. High quality science literature not only reinforces the goals of the NGSS by incorporating the three dimensions into the text, it also provides the inspiration and confidence for students to think like scientists. My books and programs incorporate the NGSS 3D framework while also addressing the Common Core Standards for nonfiction. My approach is not a response to these standards, but rather the organic and creative expression of my passion for science, writing, and art. It is my goal to inspire curiosity and creativity through story-telling and scientific imagery as students learn to think, explore, and create like scientists and writers.