Alexandra Siy

writer & photographer

I love visiting schools to share my enthusiasm for science, reading, and books!

I work with Pre-K through Grade 12, and customize my programs for your needs. Assembly style presentations as well as smaller group workshops incorporate images and multi media that draw from the nonfiction themes of my books. As STEM picks up STEAM, I help children explore the connections between science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

I can handle the book sale and provide autographed copies.

I delivered my KEY NOTE speech, "GOT STEAM!," to the NYS Southern Tier Reading Council in March 2014. I am available to speak to teachers, librarians, parents, or any group or organization passionate about literacy and science.

My programs are approved and co-funded by BOCES!

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Live and Online


VOYAGER 1 is insterstellar!

In 2017, the world celebrates the 40-year anniversary of the Voyager Mission. On August 25, 2012, Voyager 1, entered interstellar space; Voyager 2 is close behind. Hurtling through space at 35,000 mph, the twin Voyagers are rewriting the astronomy books. They are also carrying the Golden Record, a time capsule of images and sounds created by Carl Sagan and a team of writers and artists. Students will look back at where we’ve been, and into the future to where we’re going while getting an intimate look of the writer's path. Perfect for grades 5-12!


Featuring images and text from several of my books, the program introduces students to many kinds of insects and spiders using electron micrographs and other scientific imagery. Students will learn how to identify insects and spiders while interacting with me about the research and writing process. (LIVE & ONLINE)


This interactive program inspires students to learn about Mars through images, short videos, hands-on demonstrations, and stories. CARS ON MARS is also an ideal mentor text for grades 4 and up as an "Authors on Call" online program.


In this photograph, the last man on the Moon, Eugene Cernan commander of Apollo 17, drives the lunar rover. His top speed was about 11 mph.

While experiencing the history, science, and art of human lunar exploration students will lean to look closely at the amazing photography created by the astronauts on their trips to the Moon and discover the scientific information contained in each picture. The 50 year anniversary of this extraordinary achievement is in 2019! Optional postcard design and writing workshop available--ideal for library programs!


This interactive program for preK through first grade uses my book ONE TRACTOR to introduce numbers and word opposites. It's a favorite LIVE and ONLINE!


Featuring images and text from several of my books, the program challenges students to look closely and think like a scientist by forming analogies that relate to images made by a scanning electron microscope. Discussion of scale, magnification, form, and function encourages students to think across the curriculum as they use STEM skills to analyze the art. With smaller groups and IVC programs I also offer a science writing workshop during which students create analogies that are the foundations for poetry.