Alexandra Siy

writer & photographer

Publisher's Weekly:
Siy and Kunkel put a tongue-in-cheek spin on entomology, with dramatically magnified specimens presented in “Wanted” posters that make use of photomicrographs, taken through a scanning electron microscope and then colorized. “Fascinating, flashy, or felonious” beetles have been known to consume museum artifacts, but their carrion ways are actually a big help: “[A]nimals and plants die from accidents, disease, and old age just like people. Someone needs to clean up the mess.” While Siy has fun casting various insect species, like the “malaria-carrying” Anopheles mosquito, as criminals, she also makes clear their value in pollination, pest control, and other beneficial traits. The neon-hued extreme closeups of compound eyes, antennae, and other insect features make this both a clever and useful science book.

2012 Outstanding Science Trade Book (NSTA/CBC)

2012 Finalist Animal Behavior Society Outstanding Children's Book Award

California Reading Association Eureka! Nonfiction Children's Book Award Gold Medal

Bug Shots are mug shots of the world's most wanted insects. Join the FBI and look for clues. You be the judge: good, bad, or bugly.